A Change of Chocolate

cacao beans and pods

I’ve got a confession to make: Chocolate is an area where I sometimes let my standards slip a little in order to get a fix.

Despite having spent nearly a year researching the terrible standards in cacao production, I have been known to nibble a bit of low grade chocolate.

I’ve been aware for years that Green and Blacks are owned by Kraft, but have deliberately kept my blinkers on, as they are the ‘least-worst’ option at our local late-night convenience store. Pukka Herbs’ sale to Unilever has made me reconsider whether a company can remain ethical whilst being owned by a super-huge multinational corporation. When I saw the news that Green and Blacks were launching a new range of non-organic products, and dropping Fairtrade certification on many of their products, I realised it was time to turn my chocolatey attentions elsewhere.

It’s been a terrible burden, but I’ve had to try out several alternatives in the name of research. They’ve got to be organic and fair trade (or small batch/single origin cacao). Here are a few recommendations:

  • When I needed a dark chocolate hit to keep me awake to watch a late night showing of Bladerunner 2049 I tried out The Chicken Shed’s dark and fudgey orange bar, sweetened with tropical honey, which I picked up at the Organic Deli in Oxford.
  • Seed and Bean* do a wide range of interesting flavours. They tend toward super-dark, but there are a few milky options too. Their tangerine milk chocolate is the closest thing to a full bar of orange-smartie inners that I’ve ever tasted.
  • Ombar’s Coco Mylk buttons* are a tasty little treat that’s free from dairy and refined sugar. They are certified fair trade by Fair for Life. I’m rather partial to the ‘Ombar Centres’ Raspberry & Coconut…
  • Traidcraft and Equal Exchange are both good, solid alternatives for a big bar to share… My local health food shop has been offering tasters this week: Yum!
  • For a deluxe vegan treat, it’s hard to beat Booja Booja*. Their new honeycomb flavour is delicious!

So, time to raise the bar (yes, pun intended) and put my chocolate money where my mouth is.

Happy Chocolate Week everyone!

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