Five Great Natural Deodorants

Over the years, I’ve tried out a lot of natural deodorants. Here is a small selection of recent choices, and a couple of trusted old favourites. Some of the links (marked with a star) are affiliate links, which means I get a tiny comission if you buy something after clicking through. I’ve also included some discount codes for you all…

1. I’m currently using Rose Geranium deodorant balm from EcoVibe. It’s smooth and creamy, and smells completely gorgeous. It comes in a glass jar with a metal screw top. It’s been put to the test recently with some lockdown kettlebell workouts and it really does the job! My one small gripe is that it’s listed as ‘Rose & Geranium’ but it’s actually scented with a single essential oil from the plant Pelargonium graveolens or Rose Geranium. Use the code GREENSHOPPER10 for 10% off all EcoVibe products.

2. Kutis deodorant is available from InGreens online plastic free store. Their floral and fruity scents are amazing, and the new range is now vegan! It is made in Wales and comes in a compostable, unbleached cardboard tube. Get 10% off with code TOGETHER

3. Earth Conscious* deodorants are made in the Isle of Wight, and are available in a cardboard tube or a tin. I tried out the Jasmine & Rose scent, but it was a bit too floral for my taste. I also found the tube quite hard to push up in cold weather, so if I use the brand again I will definitely try a tin of one of their other flavours.

4. If you prefer a spray deodorant, Lavera Basis Sensitiv* is one of my favourites. The subtle sweet scent is made with witch hazel and rose flower water. Their tin of All Round Cream* in the same range is also divine, and is doing wonders for my dry hands.

5. Neal’s Yard Lavender and Aloe Vera is another great option for a spray deodorant suitable for sensitive skin. My partner uses it and I have a sneaky spray of it occasionally! When it’s finished, you can repurpose the beautiful blue glass bottle with homemade aromatherapy gifts such as room spray, or buy a pump dispenser to fit the bottle and use it for hand-wash refills. Please use this link for a £10 off code


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