Be The Change. Every Drop Counts

Today is World Water Day and marks the start of the UN 2023 Water Conference, which aims to unite the world around solving the water and sanitation crisis. Living in the rainy West Country, I never really understood why saving water was an issue. If you live somewhere wet, I imagine you probably feel the same. So, it’s time to get educated… “The world is facing an imminent water crisis, with demand expected to outstrip … Read more

Brand-New-Second-Hand September

It’s September again. “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” and all that malarkey. Time to get tangled in the hedgerows, bramble-spiked and berry splattered. It’s also Oxfam’s annual #SecondHandSeptember campaign… but don’t worry if you aren’t a fan of charity shops and jumble sales: There are a few ways you can get involved without ever setting foot in a chazza. 1. Try a scheme such as Finisterre x Reskinned or Revivo or Paramo Re-store Adventure … Read more

I Hate Wild Swimming*

*Well I hate the term. No one talks about ‘tame swimming’, or ‘pool swimming’. Why label it? Sea and river swimming is normal swimming. However, although I love swimming outdoors, I’m not a massive fan of cold water. While some friends have braved lakes and oceans through every season, I’m a get-in-really-slowly-and-try-not-to-shriek kinda person. I’m more likely to be found using Wim Hof breathing techniques to help me survive in a super-hot bath. The pandemic … Read more

15 Amazing Uses for Inedible Food Waste

When you’re cleaning your kitchen cupboards or fridge, the chances are you will find a few items that are past their ‘use-by’ or ‘best before’ date. Use-by dates are important to acknowledge as foods may make you ill if you ignore them. For anything marked ‘best before’ it’s fine to use your common sense to see whether it’s still edible*. However, some things that are past their best for eating can still be useful in … Read more

Help Ukraine – using social media for good

If you are struggling and feeling powerless viewing the horrific images and reports from the war in Ukraine, I’ve got a few ideas for small positive actions that will help people affected by the war. And the weird thing is, that it’s all come about through Instagram… Last year, through following the hashtag #plasticfree I saw some footage of an incredible river clean up and rubbish catching operation called Trash Killer. I started following Artyom Prihodko … Read more

Is zero-waste actually possible?

Today marks the beginning of another Waste Free February, a great campaign by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.  I first took part in 2019 – you can read my blog post about it here. I find it very helpful to remember that zero-waste is a goal rather than a restrictive rule. The current food system makes it hard to achieve, and every tiny step that you take is better than doing nothing. Don’t get hung up on … Read more

The Plastic-Free Bedroom

Apparently we spend a third of our lives in bed. When you’ve got a young child it doesn’t always feel like it, but hopefully I will get to catch up on lost lie-ins later on! With so much time spent in bed, it’s important to value the quality of the materials that surround us when we are asleep. ***Affiliate links are marked with an asterisk. If you buy anything after clicking on one of these, … Read more

5 Green Christmas Gift Ideas

OK, I know. It’s late in the day, but here’s a handful of ideas for unusual and ethical gifts. 1. How about a little micro-greens kit from Teeny Greeny? 2. A handmade spatula – made from reclaimed materials by Rebus & Co 3. An upcycled bag from CrackPacs 4. A make-your-own-underwear kit from Made My Wardrobe 5. An organic cotton thermal pillow filled with cherrystones by Warmlii Wishing you all happy, healthy and safe festive … Read more

Let’s Talk About Pants…

Or knickers. Or briefs. Whatever you call them, you’re probably wearing some right now. This post is specifically about the ‘everyday’ kind of women’s pants. The comfortable ones that you put on without a second thought. If you’re after some more saucy options, check out this post instead. To wear your pants without a care in the world, it’s best to find some that are ethically made using sustainable and natural materials. Otherwise your pants … Read more

Beautiful Ethical Bra On Sale

After spending several years searching for a non-wired organic cotton bra that comes in proper cup sizes, I have finally found one–and the crazy thing is that the company are based less than 10 miles from my home! In a moment of desperation, after numerous shopping trips, internet searches, Twitter-shout-outs and more, I searched the hashtag #organiccottonbra on Instagram. And there it was… Ella Bella Grey. I ordered one straight away and as soon as … Read more