Perfectly Plastic-Free Socks

Here’s an easy way to literally reduce your plastic footprint: 100% plastic-free socks!

Most socks are made with artificial fibres, meaning they will shed plastic microfibres every time they are worn and washed. Conventionally grown cotton also uses huge amounts of water and relies heavily on pesticides. ‘Cotton rich’ socks usually contain polyamide and elastane too. A lot of ‘eco’ companies use a blend of bamboo and recycled polyamide, which is a step in the right direction (geddit?!) but will still shed microplastics.

So, what’s the alternative?

  1. 100% bamboo socks from Rapanui – These pick’n’mix multipacks of bright bamboo socks will make you smile! Mens & Womens styles and sizes are available. Some state that they contain ‘trace’ elastane 🙁
  2. 100% alpaca from MamachaUK on Etsy – Chunky knit, unisex, ethical, fair trade alpaca wool socks from Peru (via Ludlow!)
  3. 100% organic cotton socks from Pure Cotton Comfort  – Super comfortable organic cotton socks and tights for children and adults
  4. 100% organic wool from Cambridge Baby – This company specialises in gorgeous natural fibre clothes and has a range of socks for adults, babies and children
  5. 100% silk from The Wool Company – available in 5 colours for men and women. (They also have 100% cashmere bedsocks, mmmmmm!)


Pictured from left to right: Rapanui, MamachaUK, Cotton Comfort, Cambridge Baby, The Wool Company

Natural wool socks are a great winter option, but watch out for ‘sock wool’ which is a blend of natural and acrylic fibres. Alpaca wool is a strong and long-lasting alternative to sheep wool. Wool also wicks moisture away from feet and will keep your feet cosy even if they’re damp. Another bonus is that the fibre naturally repels dirt so woolly socks can usually be worn several times before washing!

To keep your wool socks going for years, darning is a wonderful skill. I still wear two pairs of my grandfather’s old woolly socks, and marvel at the expertly darned heels. If you want to learn more about darning, check out the amazing range of darning wool and tutorials from Collingwood-Norris. Happy Sock Day from The Green Shopper!


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