Brand-New-Second-Hand September

It’s September again. “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” and all that malarkey. Time to get tangled in the hedgerows, bramble-spiked and berry splattered. It’s also Oxfam’s annual #SecondHandSeptember campaign… but don’t worry if you aren’t a fan of charity shops and jumble sales: There are a few ways you can get involved without ever setting foot in a chazza.

1. Try a scheme such as Finisterre x Reskinned or Revivo or Paramo Re-store Adventure to find reconditioned ethical brands.


2. Buy from a second hand specialist like Nearly New Cashmere or Reboxed


3. Use a charity shop website. Oxfam have got loads of great stuff on theirs.

4. Hunt for the exact item you want on eBay. Save a search. Play the long game – I tried on this Bibico dress in 2019 and just bought it to wear to a wedding 😅

5. Host a clothes swap evening with friends.

6. Download the free app Ailuna, and join the Buy Nothing New challenge, which I co-wrote with a colleague. There’s a whole month of tips and reminders to enjoy!

Have fun and share your wins with Oxfam using the tag #SecondHandSeptember 💚 Have you got any favourite second hand retailers? Share them in the comments!

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