Help Ukraine – using social media for good

If you are struggling and feeling powerless viewing the horrific images and reports from the war in Ukraine, I’ve got a few ideas for small positive actions that will help people affected by the war. And the weird thing is, that it’s all come about through Instagram… Last year, through following the hashtag #plasticfree I saw some footage of an incredible river clean up and rubbish catching operation called Trash Killer. I started following Artyom Prihodko … Read more

Are You An Armchair Rebel?

Armchair with XR symbol

Twenty years ago I travelled to London for the Carnival Against Capital. I was a graphic design student trying to reject advertising. A young idealist who took inspiration from Adbusters magazine. I was too stoned to have any proper answers, but I knew that I didn’t want a career as a ‘creative’ trying to sell unnecessary ‘stuff’ to hungry consumers. Capitalism was the enemy. The sun shone. We marched. We danced. It was a riot. … Read more