Plastic-Free Bathroom Swaps

If you want to reduce your plastic use in the bathroom, here’s a list of ten simple swaps to make it easier!

1. Buy your toothpaste from Truthpaste or Georganics.

2. Use a Hydro Phil bamboo brush (the bristles are made with plant based plastic).

3. Buy your floss from Georganics: natural fibre floss packaged in a cute refillable glass pot!

4. There are lots of moisturisers which come in glass pots or metal tubes. I love Neals Yard and Dr Hauschka.

5. Use solid shampoo bars (online from Lamazuna, or instore at Lush) or try rhassoul powder. Otherwise use refillable bottles of shampoo and conditioner from Faith in Nature*.

6. Buy natural soap in bars, wrapped without plastic. My local health food store sells Faith in Nature bars unwrapped but if you buy online they sometimes come wrapped. This bar from Dr Bronner’s is wrapped in paper*. Bio D also offer liquid hand soap* refills at some shops.

7. Ask your local pharmacy for a stainless steel metal safety razor. The blades are easily replaced and last for ages!

8. Use natural fibre cloths or cellulose sponges for cleaning your sink and bath, paired with household bicarbonate of soda* to replace cream cleaner.

9. Lots of wipes are made with sneaky plastics: even ‘Water Wipes’ aren’t biodegradable. Natracare ‘intimate’ wipes* are a good option. Or try using washable wipes instead!

10. Ecoleaf toilet paper* is wrapped in paper. Who Gives a Crap toilet paper comes packaged in super cool prints, delivered in a cardboard box, and they donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets for those in need.

If you want advice on plastic free menstrual products, read my article on the subject here





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  1. Fantastic information! Laid out so it looks less of a mountain to climb to go green where it matters most!


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