Stocking Fillers Without The Plastic

The first thing that you need for a plastic-free christmas stocking is an extra large 100% wool sock. As a child, me and my brother would raid our dad’s sock drawer and pick out the biggest, longest sock we could find to hang at the bottom of our beds. These knee-high organic wool Fair-Isle socks from Cambridge Baby would work a treat!

Buying locally from actual shops is always a preference for me, and I’m lucky to live a short train ride away from the wonderful Spotty Herberts in Bath. This year’s goodies include the amazing Cubot, a mini slinky, Play In Choc, a glow-in-the-dark glass marble and a wooden woodpecker. Luckily they are all available online. When you order, specify that you would prefer plastic-free packaging.

Here are a few more ideas to get you started:

  • A multicoloured reusable straw
  • Bioglitter Pure 100% plastic free glitter
  • Kabloom SeedBoms
  • Lyra Rainbow Pencil
  • Mini Colouring Book
  • Whirlwind Spinner
  • Holztiger Polar Bear
  • Spaceship Top

I haven’t been able to track down any plastic-free Fairtrade chocolate coins yet, except a giant one from Divine, but I think it’s too big for my 5 year old. Please comment below if you’ve got any ideas on this.

And of course, no stocking is complete without a clementine and some nuts in the toe!

Whether or not you decide to perpetuate the Father Christmas myth is up to you… My parents never lied to me about Santa, and yet I still found magic and enjoyment in Christmas time. I recently read a social media post from a social worker urging parents not to lie about larger presents coming from Father Christmas, as it can be upsetting for children whose parents can only afford smaller gifts. Santa shouldn’t have favourites. Just a thought…

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