Ethical Gift Guide: Supporting Artists & Makers

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Do you always seem to kid yourself that you don’t need to do any Christmas shopping until it’s nearly too late?

It’s great to avoid the shopping frenzy and make homemade gifts instead. If you haven’t got time to make your own this year, why not support your friends with small businesses, or other local artists and makers?

Just in case you are stuck for ideas, here are a few people who I know that make amazing things and sell them:

  • The talented Teresa and Dave sell these Om Gom meditation tablets as well as designing and making furniture for their shop Scout and Boo
  • Amy Hope sells her lovely A2 vegetable A-Z poster prints through my sister-in-law’s shop Chalk & Moss
  • The lovely Lou Durham makes stunning stained glass garden sculptures, her current selection available to buy can be seen here
  • Mel Sheppard is a talented, charming and quirky artist. Her work is available in her Etsy shop Inbinzoo
  • Multi-talented boatbuilders/craftspeople Tom & Lucy from Rebus Company make these wonderful hammered brass wall hanging planters in two sizes
  • My friend Bjorn used to share a house with Radek who makes delicious raw chocolate truffles in Bristol
  • The very same Bjorn has designed a few t-shirts including this delightful lion which is a tribute to his partner Zowie from Little Roar cakes, how cute!
  • Andrew Walton is an artist. He sells his work through the Rowley Gallery. He’s also got a show on at the Carey Blyth Gallery in Oxford. He’s also my dad.
  • Last but not least, these stylish monochrome A1 calendars are illustrated and handlettered by myself, with a bit of help from my partner Joe making the dates…

Make something. Bake something. Buy handmade. Buy local. Buy ethical. Buy small. Buy an experience.

Or be brave and buy nothing at all…

Wishing all my readers a very happy solstice & Christmas. See you in 2020!



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