Extremely Excellent Ethical Easter

Spring is here! Tiny lambs are leaping, birds are building nests, the blackthorn is in blossom and the wild garlic is ready to pick.

It’s still pretty flippin’ cold. But that’s OK. From here until the autumn equinox, days are longer than nights – wooohooo!

In a couple of weeks it’s gonna be Easter, and it’s time to get prepared! Here are a few ideas about how to have an eco-friendly Easter.

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As a parent, I want my kid to have a lovely time, but I also don’t want him to stuff his face with mountains of low-grade sugary chocolate. To get around this, I set out the egg hunt using wooden eggs and knitted chicks, which can be swapped for good quality yummy treats later. I was lucky to pick up a set of painted eggs at a charity shop a few years ago, but if you are looking for something similar Traidcraft have a set of decorated hanging eggs* or Conscious Craft have a set of colourful wooden mandala rainbow eggs. For teeny toddlers, try an egg hunt laid out by following a piece of yarn around the garden… and for older kids, make a treasure hunt with cryptic clues to so the fun lasts longer!

For most people (including me) Easter is basically about chocolate. I’ve tried to find treats that tick at least three out of these four boxes: organic, fair trade, vegan, plastic-free. Here’s what’s in my basket this year. It’s great news that a few of the major retailers here in the UK have removed plastic from their own-brand eggs for the first time this year.

Montezuma’s Lucky Chick & Buttons from Natural Collection*100g, £5.99
Cocoa Loco dark chocolate mini-eggs*140g, £6.99
Co-op ‘Free-From’ Choc Easter Egg & Caramel Truffles – 120g, £3.50
CocoCaravan Vegan Chocolate Easter Eggs Box* – 80g, £6.49

Don’t hang around, lots of items are selling out fast!

Here are some ideas for Easter craft activities too – try tie-dyeing hard-boiled eggs with cabbage leaves or onion skins, painting eggs – or use a kit like this one from Babipur. How about making a cute Easter garden together with a kit from &Keep?

When you need to stretch your legs, how about a family foraging walk, followed by a kitchen session cooking up some treats?!  These Wild Flower Biscuits from Foraged By Fern look super easy and fun to make. Fern’s foraging tips are amazing –  check out her social media, you won’t be disappointed. Riverford also have a brilliant selection of wild garlic recipes and foraging tips on their WickedLeeks blog. Yum!

Wishing all my readers an Extremely Excellent Ethical Easter!


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